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PicFights - How hot am I?!
PicFights is a unique, social networking web site that gives its members the rare opportunity to see how they physically compare against others in "picture matches and competitions." Matches are judged by other members, just like you. PicFights is a multi purpose FREE community that can be used for entertainment, social networking, dating, or as a great confidence booster! You can even make cool new friends!

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What makes PicFights even more exciting? Getting your friends to play the game!

For every friend you Invite that signs up you're entered into a drawing to win cool prizes!

So..who wouldn't want their friends to join?!

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To arrange a match against another member simply click "Fight Me!" on their profile and a random judge will decide the winner!

Don't forget to have some fun by judging Girls and Guys too! Earn credits for every match you judge!

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Make a friend, find a hot date, or just meet a few interesting people!

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Here are just SOME of the exciting features you can expect from a PicFights account:

  • Unlimited Matches
  • Unlimited Challenges
  • Won, Lost, and Judged Match History
  • Photo Albums
  • Public Picture and Profile Comment Boards
  • Favorites and Admirers Lists
  • Private Mail Box
  • Profile Visits History
  • Advanced Search Engine
  • Some of the coolest people on the internet (maybe)!
  • MUCH MUCH more!!!
PicFights can be used for making new friends, finding a date (or dates! ), boosting your confidence, destroying your confidence (let's hope not!), self-study attraction experiments, having some fun entertaining yourself, or even killing some time at work or school (oops!).

For a special limited time we are now offering upgraded Premium Memberships for FREE! Our premium members enjoy special features that normally are only available on a paid subscription basis. This offer will not last, so hurry!

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