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About PicFights
       PicFights is owned and operated by NetStar Interactive LLC (NSI). NSI is a developer and maintainer of interactive community based web sites since 2004. NSI's main focus is delivering popular social networking and entertainment web sites. All NSI web sites are moderated to ensure a fun, safe experience.

       PicFights is an exciting web site that gives its members the rare opportunity to see how they physically compete against others. Everyday we are constantly comparing ourselves to those around us. Even on a sub-conscious level. In this day and age, our society revolves around how a person looks and should look. PicFights gives you the ability to see just how you match up!

"If looks could kill, would you survive?"

       PicFights is for social networking and entertainment purposes only. Your score and rank says absolutely nothing about your self being and physical appearance. Think of PicFights as a game and nothing more. It's not meant to be taken serious in the slightest. So, sit back and relax because the fun begins now!

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to the following people who have contributed to this community in one way or another:

Mike Perrucci whose incredible icons can be seen throughout PicFights. To see other icons Mike has created please visit his web site, MazeGuy. Thank you Mike!

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