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Personal Location
Gender: Female City: Cedar Rapids
Age: 53 State: Iowa
DOB: Jun 6th, 1967 Country: United States
Stats Physical
Sexual Preference: Bisexual Height: 5'1"
Martial Status: Dating Body Type: Little Extra
Seeking: Fun
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: African American
Score Screennames
Wins: 939 AIM: (Favorites only)
Losses: 5535 Yahoo: (Favorites only)
Matches: 6474 MSN: (Favorites only)
Judged: 1349 ICQ: (Favorites only)
Average: 14.5042% MySpace: (Favorites only)
Rank: 2339    
About Bustybandeau:
I love laying out and showing off my Dark Skin. My implants are fabulous

Interests & Hobbies:
Bikini time is very important to me. In fact, I prefer making love while wearing it.
Personality Qualities:
Bubbly, outgoing, fun, spontaneous, adventerous
What Turns On Bustybandeau:
Fast men.
What Turns Off Bustybandeau:
Slow,incompetent men