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PicFights - Male Matches

How to Play!
PicFights randomly presents you with two different members pictures. It is up to you, the judge, to determine the winner of the match by clicking on their picture. A winner can be determined by their physical attraction or by their personality (based on their profile information). If you are indecisive by whom to choose, you can simply click "Skip Match" to draw the next random match. All matches yielding in a result will then be viewable from the Winner's, Loser's, and Judge's profile.

Will I hurt someones feelings if I don't vote for them?

The most important thing to remember here is that this is just for fun. There may be people that take the results to heart but this is only a game. While your vote could make someone slightly offended another vote could make their day! The balance of good and bad is what makes PicFights so addicting!

Why is this method more effective than web sites that offer a 1-10 rating service?

There is no such thing as an effective way to rate yourself. Your score and rating doesn't say anything about you as a person. What makes Pic Fights more interesting than your typical rating site is that you get to see who won, lost, and judged the match. This information is more valuable than some random 1-10 number based on anonymous votes that were most likely guessed.

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