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  Profile For Alkaline_Annie Premium User  Back To Search Form
Last Signed In: 2007-12-16 06:01:31 | Registered: 2007-11-12 01:57:59

Profile Link: http://www.picfights.com/users/Alkaline_Annie Copy Link to Clipboard

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Personal Location
Gender: Female City: Bwaseee
Age: 30 State: Idaho
DOB: Aug 12th, 1989 Country: United States
Stats Physical
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual Height: 5'6"
Martial Status: Single Body Type: Average
Seeking: Friends
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Score Screennames
Wins: 3358 AIM: (Favorites only)
Losses: 2283 Yahoo: (Favorites only)
Matches: 5641 MSN: (Favorites only)
Judged: 570 ICQ: (Favorites only)
Average: 59.53% MySpace: (Favorites only)
Rank: 940    
About Alkaline_Annie:
The Names Ashlee Annie IM NOT A PLAYA I JUST CRUSH ALOT. .Im A Chi Omega... bitch. .Yes I am a sorority girl and I love it. .I highly suggest you join a sorority it is the best thing that will ever happen to you. .I love all of my Chi-o sisters. .Things About me. .Im a total party girl. .I love to party and have fun. .im very outgoing and love to make people laugh. .Im the biggest sweatheart you will ever meet in your life. .i forgive everyone for anything thats my big issue. .i actually play the guitar. .I love driving my car which is a 2007 nissan sentra. .my friends are my family and i will put them before myself. .i like so many different kinds of music you might think im weird. .you wouldnt know what to say when you scroll through my ipod. .im very outdoorsy. .yes i do like boyish things i love to ride dirtbikes, go camping, wakeboarding such and such and such. .I like harley's.i grew up around them. .im not a total girly girl i like to do the rough stuff but i do take the time to do my makeup im not that tom boyish lol. .i like punk rock, ska, screamo, classic rock. .my favorite bands are alkaline trio, rush and the deftones. .i go to all the shows and skank it up the ska dance lol. my fav teams are baseball- seattle mariners and football- the redskins!!!!

Interests & Hobbies:
just ask. and i'll tell
Personality Qualities:
Im funny.
What Turns On Alkaline_Annie:
.Things i like in a guy. If you dont match this dont think you have a chance .gotta have tattoos. .loves to watch football and baseball. . must be manly not a sissy LaLa. . likes to go camping. . likes to party. . enjoys a fridge full of beer haha. . must be hilarious. . drinks alot. . honest. . doesnt care if i have guys as friends. . rides dirtbikes. . knows how to work on a car. . likes the same kind of music as me.
What Turns Off Alkaline_Annie:
weakness. i cant stand when people are whiny babies.

  Interact with Alkaline_Annie  Back To Search Form
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Fri, Dec 26th, 2008 11:59:18 AM
your absolutely gorgeous

Tue, Aug 12th, 2008 11:59:28 AM
happy birthday gorgeous

Fri, Apr 11th, 2008 11:08:49 PM
Omg yer beutiful!! i would love to get to know u, and what town in idaho do u live in??

Tue, Nov 13th, 2007 05:42:00 PM
very much welcome for the wins =]

Mon, Nov 12th, 2007 12:48:52 PM
you are goregous.
1-5 of 5   1   

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