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  Profile For soldier86 Premium User  Back To Search Form
Last Signed In: 2007-10-21 06:35:42 | Registered: 2007-10-20 13:24:35

Profile Link: http://www.picfights.com/users/soldier86 Copy Link to Clipboard

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Personal Location
Gender: Male City: Biebesheim
Age: 34 State:
DOB: Sep 9th, 1986 Country: Germany
Stats Physical
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual Height: 5'7"
Martial Status: Single Body Type: Athletic
Seeking: Friends
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Score Screennames
Wins: 1343 AIM: (Favorites only)
Losses: 1053 Yahoo: (Favorites only)
Matches: 2396 MSN: (Favorites only)
Judged: 2 ICQ: (Favorites only)
Average: 56.05% MySpace: (Favorites only)
Rank: 773    
About soldier86:
Hey dudes and dudettes, this is Daniel, the drummer of the almighty harder than hell lineup of Sudden Death, a hard driving metal band from Germany. I love rock n roll and being up on stage to present our heavy music to all the motherfuckers out there who enjoy moshing and listening to it. So yeah, I'm donw with highschool and I love to party hardy a lot, I love the United States of America, and that's the country where I wanna go on tour with my band. I used to play football which was really fucking awesome. But now i'm a soldier serving my country...i'm chosen to defend freedom. So yeah...enjoy yourselves with my site...and never stop rocking.. and check out our website www.strongerthanhell.com

Interests & Hobbies:
i like really wild parties, bars, clubs, football, rock music, rap, drums, guitar, guns and hot females
Personality Qualities:
i am wild, outgoing, funny, spontanious, cool and down to earth...and prolly a little crazy
What Turns On soldier86:
rock n roll concerts, beer, jaegermeister, old american cars, superbowl, wrestling, rifles and instruments, hot women
What Turns Off soldier86:
islamic terrorists, party stoppers, stupid annoying people

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Mon, Aug 25th, 2008 05:55:31 PM
damn i hope ur real....cos if u are i wanna marry u LOL

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